Moving to Temecula
Moving to Temecula
Thinking of moving to Temecula?

There are a lot of compelling reasons, including a mild climate (if a little on the warm side), low crime, award-winning school district, Pechanga Resort and Casino, nine golf courses, great housing buys, and of course, wine country. This web site provides information for prospective residents.

Typical daytime highs in Temecula are in the 70's and 80's in spring, 80's to high 90's in summer and fall, and high 60's in winter. Unlike many desert areas farther inland, it cools off significantly at night. Cold winter nights will see the low 30's.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much is housing? The median price for detached homes is $117/square foot, or around $234,000 for a 2,000 square foot home. Condos range from about $90,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment conversion to $140,000 for a 3-bedroom with attached 2-car garage, but the vast majority of properties are single family homes - Temecula is the land of suburbia! $350,000 - $450,000 will get you a beautifully upgraded McMansion with a view.
Didn't the foreclosure crises take its toll on Temecula neighborhoods? This was true initially, but neighborhoods have greatly improved since the crash. Foreclosure properties are better cared for, and because loose lending standards are a thing of the past, more owners have "skin in the game".
How much are property taxes? Taxes usually fall between 1.1% and 1.5%, depending on the area. On the plus side, HOA fees are quite low when compared to properties in other areas with the same amenities.
How good are the schools? The Temecula Valley school district scores very well compared to other districts in southern California. For academic perfomance scores, see the district web site.
Where is the best weather in Temecula? As a general rule, the closer to the southwest corner of the city (near Pechanga), the cooler the temperatures.
Is it a good time to buy in Temecula? The short answer is yes, but another good answer is "it depends." Will prices go lower? In all likelyhood, yes. Prices are higher now than they were in the fall/winter of 2008. Make no mistake about it, the higher prices are not due to any kind of recovery. They are being propped up by government intervention (e.g., the tax credit) and high demand due to low inventory, public perception of a recovery, and investor activity. Maybe instead of $100/square foot for a great property, you'd pay $120 today. While it may hurt to think about that extra money, you may also want to think about coastal buyers paying $300-$800/square foot, and how their neighborhoods and schools are no better than Temecula's. There is no question that the value for your money is excellent.

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Temecula is served by Southern California Edison (800-655-4555), Southern California Gas (800-427-2200), Rancho California Water (951-296-6900), Southern California Telephone Company (800-840-6673), and Time Warner Cable (888-683-1000).

Guide to Real Estate Marketing Terms
Term Meaning
"Cozy" Small
"Cute" Small
"Gardener's delight" No landscaping
"Nestled" Overgrown landscaping, no view
"Classic" Old
"Established" Old
"Clean" Old and dirty

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